About Us
  We are a locally owned and operated small business in Woodstock Ontario. Our service  area is from North of us to  Stratford, East to Brantford, West to London and  South to the shores of Lake Erie. For all other locations please feel free to call for availability.
  We are open for business on weeknights and on weekends to facilitate the work on empty parking lots.
   Our equipment is compact unlike the heavy equiment that is used by others, that results in higher float charges and greater ground compaction. We can also get our equipment closer to obstructions than larger more cumbersome machines can. We can resurface unpaved walking paths  with a width of as little four feet.
   Our equipment actually loosens the gravel then re-spreads it. Unlike conventional grading methods that merely scrape the surface without actually cutting into the surface. You cannot repair a pothole by merely filling it in.
    We offer free quotes and will give written estimates that are good for 30 days.
     Proper licences and insurances are always in effect.
    We are not a large construction company who does this as a sideline.
     We can be contacted by phone , e-mail or the contact form on the website.
Gravel Resurfacing